Chromatic Spectrum

Taste the Rainbow, by @ATribeCalledJGH

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Orange Juice (with or without Pulp/Bits)
Strawberry Syrup
Soda Water
Blue Food Colouring


  1. Pour the orange juice into the glass. Fill to about halfway.
  2. Carefully pour Strawberry syrup into the glass against the side. We recommend using a spoon inside the glass that you pour onto whilst it is rested against the side. (Pouring the syrup straight in will change the colour of the orange juice so use the sides).
  3. In a separate glass mix your Soda with Blue Food Colouring. You need about a toothpick’s worth of food colouring but increase if you prefer a darker colour blue.
  4. Very slowly use the spoon pouring method again to help you pour the blue soda to the mixture.