Radical Rabbit Stew

Radical Rabbit Stew

What’s This?!

Space chef wielding silver spoon Make rabbit stew! In space!!

Grab your trusty spoon and prod those crazy rabbits into saucepans to free the space chefs. But think fast or the bunnies will gobble you up!

With bite-size ‘pick-up & play’ action, award-winning puzzles, juicy pixel graphics and a delicious soundtrack, RADICAL RABBIT STEW is a hare-raising action-arcade game perfect for new players and 16-bit retro fans alike.

See you at…

PAX East, 28-31st March, 2019 This is just in! The game will be demoed at PAX East! Don’t miss our booth #24096.

Rabbit galloping EGX Rezzed London, 4-6th April, 2019 Stir up some action-arcade mayhem at our booth in the Indie Room.