Swedish Cabbage Rocket Rolls

Kåldomar. Recipe will require a Slow Cooker. By HeadphonedMonkey (Instagram)

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x1 Cabbage
400 grams of Minced Beef
x1 White Onion (Diced)
x1 Cup of Long Grain White Rice
x1 Large Egg
x1 tbsp Ground Black Pepper
x1 tsp Salt
x3 Cans of Tomatoes (Chopped)
x2 tbsp of Worcester Sauce
x1 tsp White Sugar
x1 tbsp of Lemon Juice


  1. Cook the Rice and set aside to cool
  2. Blanch Cabbage Leaves
  3. In a bowl mix the Minced Beef, Diced Onion, Dice x2 Cabbage Leaves, Cooked Rice, Ground Pepper, Salt and the Egg
  4. Spoon a tbsp of the mix in every blanched Cabbage Leaf, roll and secure closed with a toothpick
  5. Add 1/2 the Chopped Tomatoes, Worcester sauce, Sugar and Lemon to the slow cooker
  6. Place each Cabbage parcel into the slow cooker on top of the sauce
  7. Add the remaining ingredients from instruction 5 ontop of the Cabbage parcels
  8. Set the slow cooker on the lowest temperature and put the timer onto 6 hours
  9. Remove from slow cooker and serve parcels with the tomatoe sauce