Banana Blueberry Bonanza

Perfect for mornings to kick start your day!
By @Arekkz

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1 scoop protein powder (your flavour of choice, I use chocolate peanut butter)
80g rolled oats
1 whole banana
80g frozen blueberries (frozen also makes it super cool and refreshing)
170ml almond milk
1 cup of water


  1. (Optional) Chop your banana into smaller chunks depending on the size of your blender
  2. Place banana into blender with your frozen blueberries
  3. Add the protein powder, rolled oats to the mix
  4. Pour in the almond milk
  5. Add the water (you can adjust this depending on whether you like your smoothies super thick, or more drinkable)
  6. Blend together until all smooth
  7. Decant into glass and enjoy